Many talents have come together to make Ikal1150 a success and like a good wine our group is refined, elegant and pleasant. We are very diverse and bring many talents together; amongst all our diversity we all share a passion for the finer things in life, exquisite cuisine, fine wines and a love of nature. This is what has brought us to create “Ikal1150”.

Daniel Silva and Damien Lopo
Ricardo Alvarez
Fernando Campillo and Javier Silva
Sandra Beltran and Jerry Ward
Gonzalo Campillo and Jose Remirez

Fernando Campillo
and Javier Silva

Architects – Fernando Campillo a native Mexican mostly known for his work on the Small Luxury Hotels Ikal del Mar and Hotel Esencia and the luxury community Ikal Living in the Riviera Maya has combined efforts with Javier Silva the Argentinean Architect. Javier is the writer and founder of the “DSArq” study. He has been sought out by clients such as Citibank, Diners, HSBC Bank, Scotia Bank, Thermac, Proideas among others to head their projects.