Many talents have come together to make Ikal1150 a success and like a good wine our group is refined, elegant and pleasant. We are very diverse and bring many talents together; amongst all our diversity we all share a passion for the finer things in life, exquisite cuisine, fine wines and a love of nature. This is what has brought us to create “Ikal1150”.

Daniel Silva and Damien Lopo
Ricardo Alvarez
Fernando Campillo and Javier Silva
Sandra Beltran and Jerry Ward
Gonzalo Campillo and Jose Remirez

Daniel Silva

A native Argentinean with relentless dedication and enthusiastic motivation. He has surrounded himself with only the best in the wine industry to make this project a success. Daniel has carried Ikal1150 from an idea to a reality. He is a successful entrepreneur by nature and a connoisseur of fine wines; he finds himself in his element and knows what it takes to make Ikal1150 a renowned name in the wine industry.

Damien Lopo

Mr. Damian Lopo was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he currently lives. He was educated at St. Andrew's University in Buenos Aires, where he completed his Bachelor degree in Business Administration in 1996, and later an M.S. In Finance in 2005. He began his career in the United States as part of a online development team in 1996, before joining Accenture as a Senior Strategic Consultant. Then he moves to Private Banking sector, managing client assets and trading futures and options worldwide. After Accenture, he founded and managed an independent investment and Real Estate Public firm with over two hundred million dollars in assets before selling his stake and moving into the energy sector in 2008. Mr. Lopo continues to manage an agro-industrial investment group specializing in the traditional and renewable energy.